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I guess the answer is that it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. I guess that's always the answer.

My mom's going through more hard stuff than any one person should have to go through. But who am I to say that, I guess? If I had thousands of dollars and could fix everything would that make a difference? At the same time I'm worried about that, there are other things that are going just wonderfully. I'm dating one of my favorite people, and I get to spend time with him and laugh and learn things together and it couldn't be any better if I would have dreamed it up myself.

I alternate between feeling terrible, feeling guilty, feeling content, feeling excited. I guess that's how it all goes.

New Coldplay album... I don't care if they're super popular. They're dang awesome. They play the kind of sounds I like to listen to - the happy, ethereal, angry, witsful sounds that remind me of U2 in 1983. Once when I was going through terrible stress in my early years in college, U2 kind of saved my sanity in a weird way. I wonder if it's OK to let rock music save your sanity. I really hope there are drums in heaven.


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