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Sick days
I've been home sick basically for four days in a row. Weird. I think the monster cough has finally decided to be on its way out, though, so tomorrow is back to school, which is hard this semester but at the same time not hard. As in, two of my classes are extremely difficult but actually getting up and going to them is not.

By the way, did I mention here that I'm getting married? Because I am. To Hot Sauce. He's not so much about personal stuff all up in the blogosphere so I won't say much about it, but there you go. Part of me is weirdly worried about vague things that are probably not real, and I think that's because it was exactly this time of year that I was engaged before. Makes it kind of hard to enjoy being engaged. But I'm relatively sure in my conscious, rational mind that things are Awesome. Also, I am making 1,000 paper cranes.

Anyway, so while I was sick I didn't do much that was useful or productive. On the worst of the days I coughed so severely all the time that my head and my neck and my chest would hurt and I kind of just wanted to lay there in a pile. But I did manage to sew a blanket out of some flannel I bought when I was visiting Pooka in the Salt Metropolis - it has Chinese lanterns all over it. Turns out blankets are weird shapes when you just make them the shape fabric is when it comes off the bolt. But good enough. It can at least keep my toes warm.

Also, during my days of convalescence here I may or may not have watched two entire TV series. They each only had one season, but there you go. They were Downton Abbey and Flash Forward. I secretly really enjoyed them both. Only thing is, I think I appreciated BBC stuff because their actors tend to look like actual people you might meet in the real world. Some are still attractive, of course, in the commercial sense, especially if they are supposed to be according to the plot. But not everyone is attractive in the commercial sense and yet they still manage to fall in love with each other. Imagine that! I did like Flash Forward, though, in spite of the fact that in that world female members of the military, female police officers and female doctors all look like this:

Just photoshop the appropriate uniform on her and that's what all the characters look like. Also, for some reason, lesbian women at gay bars look like that too. Because, you know, that's what women who aren't into dressing up for men look like in the real world.

I discovered, though, why humans aren't supposed to sit at home in their pajamas on couches surrounded by tissues watching sci-fi thrillers written by Brannon Braga, though. It's because after all those hours you go back to thinking about real world things and your real world thoughts are all messed up about what your true future is supposed to be like and if you can change it and there are FBI agents running around through your school assignments and you get really confused about what the real things are. Which is probably something Homo Erectus didn't develop any good robust traits to handle so we should be careful.

Oh, the one other thing, though, that I liked about Flash Forward is that it had Asian people in it. Maybe more of our entertainment is including them these days? There are an awful lot of them on the planet, even in America. And I liked the Japanese girl - she was one of the best characters. 

Just had garbanzo beans and rice for dinner. It was lovely - just add some cumin and salt. Instant fancy dish with basically no effort. Here's hoping my cough is now ready to take a back seat and I can for reals get into the new semester.

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Have you ever met a lesbian in the real world? Some of them dress up for ladies, because some ladies like that in their partners. Also, many women dress up just for themselves. Somebody's sexuality does not determine their desire to dress a certain way.

I have, actually. I think you misunderstood me. How many people have you met in the real world who dress and look like actresses in American TV?

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