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I'm terrible for thinking this
So, the people who didn't like my cover art went ahead and used the altered version that someone's friend threw together at the last minute. I was tempted not to let them use it but they were up against a publication deadline and I didn't want to punish all the authors and contributors just because the one guy had been such a jerk. I just told them not to put my name on it anywhere.

And I'm terrible for thinking this, but the end product looks a lot worse than mine. And I'm even more terrible for thinking this, but that makes me really happy. Just to know that my work wasn't crappy, it was this guy's particular decision-making. Here's the cover I did:

And here it is after they "fixed" it:

Have fun with that, kids. Glad I could be of assistance.

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I do not understand their logic in redrawing your cover (and yes, making it look worse.)

Hilarious. Love it. Total vindication for you! Hooray for our Anneke!

I wondered why you weren't credited. Well, my only motivator to buy the anthology is now shot. Sorry I'm not awesome enough to spot in what ways the final was inferior. I mentioned the cover on Sakeriver, but I don't know what they said back. I should go look.

They didn't really say anything. I'm OK with the whole thing anyway.

And I should point out the images are not available, or I'm sure I'd have much to say on the relative comparison. Yeah!

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